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Sleep Aides – The Pros and Cons

Sleep aides are prescription medications that promote sleep also known as hypnotics. Hypnotics are the most effective sleep aids available. If you suffer from insomnia, the medication prescribed will depend on your diagnosis, medical condition, use of alcohol or other drugs and age.

You may wonder why sleep aides are needed. Well, lifestyle is behind many sleep disorders. Excessive work, poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, or drugs and alcohol abuse are usually the problem. No wonder with so many people leading stressful lives sleep disorders continue to rise. With that rise, the market for sleep aides like LunaSom PM, Ambien, Lunesta and Rozerem continue to soar as well.


Worldwide we are playing a dangerous game by consuming more of these drugs each year. That is not to say that Pharma pills are not beneficial in some cases. However, you should be aware of the following:

* Pharma pills reduce brain cell activity; thereby, affecting short term memory

* After several weeks of use, Pharma pills begin to lose their intensity, which leads many to up the dosage

* Pharma aides treat only the symptoms of insomnia and do nothing to fight the source of sleeplessness


When you use Pharma pills they relax the body, allow you to get to sleep and then keep you in the deeper stages of sleep. Most people wake up feeling invigorated and refreshed.

The Bottom Line

How you feel and perform during the day is directly related to how much sleep you get the night before. If sleepiness gets in the way of your daily activities, more sleep each night will improve the quality of your daylight hours. In addition, insufficient sleep is associated with a number of diseases and conditions-such as diabetes, obesity, and depression. Not getting enough sleep is linked with the onset of these diseases and also may complicate their management and outcome.

People with only mild insomnia problems may be relying too heavily on pills and not trying to address their sleep problems with non-drug measures. The bottom line is this, whether it’s a simple change in lifestyle that you need to make, or talk to your doctor about sleep aides available or other natural remedies – you just need to decide to today not to have another sleepless night.

Source by Sherry L Harris

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