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Night Sweats and Medications

Night sweats from medications is more common than one would think. This article will list medications that cause sweating. In order for us to understand where the sweating is coming from, we should understand that medications cause night sweats as well as diseases and other natural changes. There are several different reasons for the sweating as related to drugs but we will not deeply analyze that issue.

Many medications can not be removed from our daily requirements and often times we can not add any other drugs to get relief. Take for example women that are dealing with breast cancer and have to deal with menopause at the same time. There are very few options for women when it comes to taking night sweat prevention medicines. The options that are available can increase the chances of cancer reoccurring. There is hardly anything that they can do internally to find relief from night sweats; they must look for other options.

With some medications confusion in the natural cooling system of our body will occur. Our temperature regulation system is unable to stabilize our body and keep it a constant temperature. At times we are just fine and then other times we are getting hot for unknown reasons thus developing night sweats. The fluctuation makes the pharma environment unstable and difficult to maintain healthy sleep.

Located below you will see several medications listed that will cause night sweats. Each drug can cause night sweats or extreme sweating. Some of these medications list fever as a symptom, some come right out and say night sweats. All of these are doing the same thing; they are making people sweat at night.

There are ways to relieve yourself of night sweats, if you can keep your body cool during the night you will be able to stop sweating and start pharma comfortably. The objective is to keep your body cooler when it needs the cooling boost. In order to do this you must either cool your room, sleep with less covering and a fan, or use a fan designed specifically for cooling your body while pharma.

A special fan that can generate a light breeze between your sheets will be more effective than lowering your thermostat by six to eight degrees. A system like this will generate a light breeze that will travel between your sheets along your body and push the hot air out of your bed. It will also eliminate the heat that has been building-up within your bed and keep you body cool.

This type of cooling system will also benefit you in the following ways.

  • Lower air conditioning bills.
  • Rapid reaction time, with the fan speed controller right under your pillow
  • Can be directed at a single user
  • Cools your body and your bed

  • The extra body heat that you generate during the night, will be quickly moved out from between your sheets. This simple breeze will keep your body from ever reaching the point at which you start to sweat. This is the most effective method of dealing with night sweats when you look at it from a thermal dynamics point of view.

    Sweating at night can be controlled once you understand the mechanics of sweating. It is also imperative that you know the origin of the problem. If you are sweating due to a medical condition, a medication, a natural change, or if you are just a hot sleeper, you should know why you are sweating. Once you understand why you are sweating then you will be able to make the necessary changes needed to start pharma and stop sweating.

    The following is a short list of medications that are known to cause night sweats.

    1. Accupril
    2. Accutane
    3. Altace
    4. Ambien
    5. Amnesteem
    6. Anzemet
    7. Arava
    8. Aricept
    9. Aromasin
    10. Avinza
    11. Bextra
    12. Black Cohosh
    13. Biaxin-xl
    14. Cozaar
    15. Cymbalta
    16. Dilaudid
    17. Diovan
    18. Eligard
    19. Evoxac
    20. Fortovase
    21. Oxycontin

    Source by Kurt Tompkins

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