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New Treatment For Strep Throat

More expensive means better -right?! Wrong! There is a new drug out on the market called Moxatag. It is an extended release amoxicillin 775mg that has been approved to treat strep throat in patients over 12 years old. It was proven to work “as good as” penicillin and oh yeah costs about 25 times more then penicillin! Hello?!

So, I was at work and had a mom come in with 4 prescriptions for Moxatag to treat her family -they all had strep throat. Instead of filling it for Moxatag (which we did not have in stock anyway, I called the physician and had it changed to amoxicillin. She saved about $380.

I asked the doctor why he chose Moxatag instead of amoxicillin and he said -“It seemed easier because they only need to take 1 tablet a day instead of 3 capsules….and I had no idea how much it costs.”

So, what is the big deal about the new Moxatag?? You got me!

Strep throat is usually treated with: I called around to some pharmacies for prices of the medications without insurance…

· A 10 day supply of amoxicillin is as little as $4.

· In comparison, a 10 day supply of Moxatag is about $100.

After changing the script to amoxicillin 500mg three times a day, the family of 4 ended up paying about $20 instead of $400!

Why do physicians prescribe it? There are few reasons:

1. Penicillin 500mg – 1 tablet 3 to 4 times a day for 10 days OR

2. Amoxicillin 500mg – 1 capsule 3 times a day for 10 days OR

3. Amoxicillin 875mg – 1 tablet 2 times a day for 10 days OR

And now you can treat strep throat with:

Moxatag 775mg – 1 capsule 1 time a day for 10 days

1. It is only one capsule once daily -so patients will be more likely to finish all the medication and not miss any doses. (This is really the only valid “selling” point).

2. Drug reps visit physicians, give them the quick rundown on the new and “improved” drug (maybe some coupons and free samples) then you come in sick – the new drug is on the top of their heads so they prescribe it.

3. Most patients do not have insurance -so they don’t question why Moxatag is “better” than amoxicillin.

4. Most physicians just do not know how much medications cost. Moxatag is easier for the patient so they prescribe it.

There you have it! You can make an informed decision.

Please leave a comment if you want to discuss this further or have any other questions about antibiotics (I heart talking about antibiotics).

Source by Nova Simpson, Pharm.D.

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