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A Look at Lunesta Side Effects and Why You Should Be Careful Taking This Drug

In a previous article I wrote about Ambien, now lets take a turn looking at Lunesta side effects. This drug is definitely on a marketing blitz lately with its green, glowing butterfly. However, is it as gentle and effective as the ads make it sound? Be warned…it may be poison in disguise.

The side effects of Lunesta share some of the basic ones of other sleep medications like Ambien. It can cause nausea, headache, vision problems, etc. Many people on Lunesta also reported a foul taste in their mouths that lasted into the day after taking the drug. For some it was almost unbearable. It affected how their food tasted and they noticed they were hypersensitive to the taste and experienced it in full each time they took a breath. And these are just the simple side effects. However, the more serious problems are somewhat different.

When asked about more serious side effects in a recent poll of users on the web, a number of people mentioned that one of the side effects of Lunesta was an increase in depressed or even suicidal thoughts. Several users of the drug talked about never having had depression or suicidal thoughts before, but when taking Lunesta they became withdrawn, anti-social and in some cases actually attempted to kill themselves.

Users who felt this way also noticed that withdrawals from the drug produced continued depression or anxiety after they had stopped taking it. A few are still waiting to feel normal again after being off it for weeks.

Lunesta side effects also include aggressive tendencies. Several people reported significant mood swings/behavior changes while on the medication. Many found themselves to be verbally or physically violent toward others. One woman reported taking a baseball bat to her stepson’s bike as a result of a uncontrollable flash of anger while on Lunesta. She worries what might have happened if the anger had been directed toward the child.

Lunesta side effects also include rashes spreading across the body, joint pain and significant swelling in various parts of the body. Many people have found that they also have extreme nightmares even while awake and have trouble going back to sleep after such episodes.

It is also worth noting that with all the Lunesta side effects listed that many people reported that this drug was relatively ineffective in helping them get a good night’s sleep compared with other drugs/methods of getting to sleep. Many reported little to no sleep at all when taking Lunesta. Others reported a full night of rest but without the feeling of being rested the next day. It left them tired and groggy as they attempted to perform at work or school.

It is important to understand Lunesta side effects and complications if you are considering using this drug to get some sleep. Much of what users report on the drug is not pretty and calls into question the continued use of it by doctors. There are better ways to get sleep like exercise and diet changes, stress reduction techniques and natural supplements that work with the body and have less side effects. Consider all your options and do your homework when trying to find a way to get over your sleeplessness.

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